Fish Tugs


Fish Tugs Of The Greatest Lake

Fish tugs- the hardworking fishing boats of the Great Lakes.

Designed to meet the requirements of a challenging environment, the Great Lakes fish tug is a form seen nowhere else.

Today, one of the best places to see classic fish tugs is the village of Bayfield, on Lake Superior at Wisconsin's northern tip. Though some are now museum exhibits, and others rest on shore, many continue their job of harvesting fish from Lake Superior.


Introduction: About this web page.

History: The evolution of fish boat design at Bayfield, Wisconsin.

Photo Gallery: Modern and historic images.

Fleet Roster: The fishing boats of Bayfield and beyond.

The Fishermen: Men of the commercial fishery.

Kahlenberg Engine Roster: Some of the boats powered by the famous engine.

The Fishing Anthology: A collection of annals and anecdotes related to the Great Lakes commercial fishery



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