Fishing Vessels of the Great Lakes

Compiled by Harvey Hadland



W. REIDAL 207560 Built at Northport, MI in 1910, the 36 ft. x 11 ft. vessel was steam powered. .In 1924 Enos Petitpren, Grand Marais, MI owned the boat. In 1925 James McDonald, Grand Marais had the tug, and it was listed as having a gas engine for power.

W.H. PUGH 213950 Built at Racine WI in 1916, the 55 ft. x 14 ft. steam tug was owned by Adelsen Olsen Fishery, Kenosha, WI. At some time in the late 1920s the boat was repowered with a 75-90 Kahlenberg oil engine. Frank Eichler, Kenosha, owned the boat until 1944, when the boat was scrapped and the engine put in Eichler's new steel vessel , RICHARD E.

W.R. BUSCH Built at Sturgeon Bay, WI in 1924, the 40 ft. x 11 ft. vessel was equipped with a 30-36 hp Kahlenberg oil engine, and operated out of Algoma,WI by Walter R. Busch. In the late 1930s and into the early 1940s the boat was owned by Harry Klein, Port Washington, WI. The boat was next owned by Uno Wiedeman, Chassell, MI and had a 99 hp. Oliver diesel engine and 4:1 Capitol reverse and reduction gear. In 1977 Tom Farnquist, Sault Ste. Marie, MI was the owner. A still later owner operated the boat as a fish tug/ dive tender. By now equipped with a D4600 Caterpillar diesel. In 1981, with the engine removed and she was donated to the Saulte Ste. Marie Historical Society and put on display in the parking lot next to the Str. Valley Camp, museum ship. Still later the boat was dismantled and the stern end was put on display in the hold of the Valley Camp. This display has now been removed and destroyed.

WALLACE A 30 ft.(approx.) gas boat owned by Chris Hadland, Bayfield, WI in 1937. Equipped with a one cylinder, 9 hp. Regal engine, it was repowered with a 4 cylinder Dodge car motor in 1939. In 1941 the boat was sold to Leonard Gordon and Stanley Ujke. Fished for only a short time, the boat then went to Eli LaPointe, Bayfield. It later sank north of Bayfield while at anchor. It was never raised.

WALTER K. A 36 ft. gas boat owned by Herman Kadeau, Grand Marais, MI in 1932.

WANDERER A vessel of unknown size owned by Milton Matthews, Oscoda, MI in 1930.

WANETA A 30 ft. gas boat owned by Chris Christiansen, Escanaba, MI in 1929.

WASP A 29 ft.(approx.) gas boat, a double-ender, converted from use as a life boat , to use as a gill-net boat in the early 1950s by Ernest LaPointe, Bayfield, Wis. After being used for about 10 years it was burned along with a number of other boats.

WATER LILY A 37 ft. gas boat owned by Fred Mielke, Algoma, WI in 1932.

WATERWITCH A vessel of unknown size owned by Charles St ndre, Naubinway, MI in 1929.

WAVE A 35 ft. gas boat owned by Edw. Grover Pitcher, Sebewaing, MI in 1930.

WELCOME A 36 ft.gas powered vessel owned by James Cornell, Washington Island, WI in 1947. In 1989 the boat was observed at Jackson Harbor on the Island, sheeted with steel and very much in use.

WESLEY 209809 Built at Sturgeon Bay, WI in 1912, the 30 ft. x 9 ft. gas boat was owned by Earl Killoran, Fayette, MI, from 1916 until 1925

WE-WILL Built by and owned by Earl Kaeding, Michigan City, IN in the early 1940s. The 42 ft. x 13 ft. all steel vessel was built from plans supplied by Burger, and was equipped with a 45-54 Kahlenberg oil engine.

WHITE 208160 Built at St.Ignace, MI in 1908, the 36 ft. x 10 ft. vessel was equipped with a 12 hp. gas engine and owned by Hector McLeod, St.Ignace, MI in 1926.

WHITE CLOUD 205228 Built at Manitowoc, WI in 1907, the 35 ft. x 9 ft. vessel was equipped with a 12 hp. gas engine. Severin Knudsen, Marinette, WI owned the boat in 1926.Webb Radke, Ontonagon, MI owned the boat during the 1940s and into the 1950s. Ted Bodin, Bayfield, WI owned the boat in the late 1950s, and later sold her to an individual from Ashland, WI. It was eventually abandoned at the Reiten boat yard and finally broken up.

WHITE SWAN 202226 Built at Manitowoc, WI in 1904, the 34 ft. x 8 ft. vessel was equipped with a 12 hp. gas engine when built. John Lain, Kewaunee, WI owned the boat in 1926.

WILD ROSE A 35 ft. vessel owned by Ben Perkins Son, Naubinway, MI in 1929.

WILL O' THE WISP A vessel of unknown size, owned by J.W. Schreckengust, Saugatuck, MI in 1930.

WILLIAM ENGLE A 75 ft. steam tug owned by Joseph DesJardine, Grand Marais, MI in 1934.

WILLIAM G. 256404 Built by Burger Boat Co. in 1948 for E.W. Bodin Son, Bayfield, WI. The 42 ft. x 12 ft. all steel vesssel was equipped with a 45-54 Kahlenberg oil engine and was possibly the only 42 ft. Burger boat to be built entirely of one-quarter inch steel. In the spring of 1986 William Bodin sold the boat to Clayton Furness, Michigan City, IN. In 1997 Furness sold her to Eric Nelson, Sheboygan, WI. The original Kahlenberg engine is still in the boat. VIEW PICTURE


WILLIAM JR. 216325 Built by Burger Boat Co. in 1916 for William H. Muntinga, Racine, WI. The vessel was later owned by Edward Barrett, Grand Marais, MI.

WILLIAM JR. Built by Peterson Boat Works in 1936 for William Sellman, Manistique, MI the was an exact duplicate of the BOB S. built just a year before. 52 ft. 13 ft. and equipped with a 75-90 Kahlenberg oil engine. Operated out of Grand Marais, MI for 17 years, in 1953 the boat was sold to Everett Johnson, Port Wing, WI. Johnson renamed her ERIC, and operated with her until 1968, when he bought the larger all steel vessel EDITH J. The ERIC had several owners after Johnson sold her. The bare hull is presently sitting in the front yard of a home on the Red Cliff Indian Reservation.

WILLY 239047 Built at Bayfield in the early 1939 by Frank Muhlke, the 35 ft. vessel was owned by Otto Kuntz, and eqipped with a Buick car motor. Harry and Donald Johnson, Bayfield, bought the Kuntz fishing operation in the mid 1940s and operated with the boat for many years, before selling her to a fishing company at Duluth MN.

WILMA S. A 60 ft. diesel powered vessel owned by Union Fish Co., Erie, PA in 1934.

WOLVERINE Built by John Cloutier, Harbor Beach, MI in the 1930s, the 42 ft. vessel was equipped with a 45-54 Kahlenberg oil engine. The boat was eventually sold to Smith Bros. Fishery, Port Washington, WI.



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