Fishing Vessels of the Great Lakes

Compiled by Harvey Hadland



VAGABOND 237164 Built at Portage Entry, MI in 1935 by Wiinika Boat Works, for Richard Jamsen, Gay, MI. The 35 ft. x 10 ft. vessel was equipped with a 96 hp. gas engine.

VAGABOND 262688 Built by Peterson Boat Builders, forerunner to Peterson Boat Works, in 1951 for Julius Yauger, Two Rivers, WI. The 42 ft. x 12 ft. steel hulled vessel was equipped with a 65 hp. Caterpillar diesel. In 1958 Lawrence Pulda, Racine, WI, bought the boat, repowered with a 220 hp. Cummins diesel and operated until 1967, when he sold her to Clifford and Harvey Hadland, Bayfield. Operated by them until 1988, the boat was sold to Keith Peterson, Bayfield, who had the boat until 1993, whenhe sold her to Tim Matson, Munising, MI. VIEW PICTURE

VALIANT A 62 ft. steam powered vessel owned by the Bell-Bense Co., Port Clinton, OH in 1928.


VANDERBERG BROS. 250357 Built by Burger Boat Co. in 1946 for Russell Vanderberg, Muskegon, MI. The all steel vessel, 44 ft. x 12 ft. was equipped with a 60-70 Kahlenberg oil engine. Hallard Grover, Montaque, MI owned the boat from 1966 to 1969, and changed the name to M.G. Philip Anderson, Kenosha, WI bought the boat from Grover in 1970 and changed the name to JENNIFER, then sold her back to Grover in 1973. Grover had the boat until 1976, when he sold her to Richard "Dick" McNab, Muskegon, MI. McNab re-engined the KATHY B in the late 1980s with a 6-71 Detroit, then eventually sold his whole fishing operation. The boat was bought by Jensen Fisheries, of Muskegon, who renamed it KATHY B. According to reader Steven Jevnisek, it is now (2015) owned by Marine Management, Ltd. Of Muskegon.

VELOX 227019 A 44 ft. x 11 ft. fishing vessel built by Sturgeon Bay Boat Works in 1927 for Leon Cornell, Washington Island, Wis. Boat was equipped with a 50-60 H.P. Kahlenberg oil engine.

VENTURE A vessel of unknown size owned by Fred W. Smith, Munising, MI in 1953.

VENUS 223930 Built at St.James, MI in 1923,by James McCann, for his own use, the 60 ft. x 13 ft. steam tug was owned by Louis Gunderson, Jr., Alpena, MI in 1938.

VERA B. A 28 ft.(approx.) gas boat owned by Ulrick Boutin, Bayfield, WI in 1940.

VERNON A 40 ft. gas boat owned by Lyle McDonald, Grand Marais, MI in 1945. On August 5, 1950 the boat collided with the Str. Harry Coulby, off Grand Marais. The boat was lost but the crew was saved by the steamer, and brought to Duluth, Minn., the steamers destination.

VICTOR H. Built by Sturgeon Bay Boat Works in 1937 for Victor Halberg Sons, St.Ignace, MI. The 42 ft. x 12 ft. vessel was equipped with a 45-54 Kahlenberg oil engine.

VICTORIA T. A 37 ft. x 11 ft. vessel equipped with a 30-36 Kahlenberg oil engine, and owned by John Tuisl, Manitowoc, WI in 1934.

VICTORY A 40 ft. gas boat, built at Mohawk, Michigan in 1942, and owned by Arthur Haikkenen, Lake Linden, MI. On May 1, 1950 the charred hull of the vessel was found 27 miles off Keweenaw Point. No trace of Haikkenen or his hired man, Alex Simmons, was ever found.The hull was towed in to Big Traverse Bay and put on shore, where it remained for many years.

VICTORY A 40 ft. steel hulled gas boat owned by John Anthony, Manistique, MI in 1942.

VIKING A 35 ft. vessel owned by Paul O. Nordley, Knife River, MN in 1945.

VIKING A 37 ft.x10 ft. gas powered fishing vessel, built on Washington Island in 1897. On Sept. 17, 1918 the boat was in a mishap with the Str. Charles Ferris and its tow the Ajax. Coming between the two vessels it was overturned, the crew of two both drowned. The incident happened off Lester Park, Duluth, Minnesota. After being towed into Duluth, the vessel was later rebuilt. Ownership of vessel is not known.

VIKING A fish boat of unknown size, owned by John Ellefson, Washington Island, WI in 1904.

VIKING Built at Port Wing, WI in 1926 by Anton Ostling. A 35 ft. gas powered vessel, it was operated out of Port Wing until 1933, when Ostling moved to Ontonagon, MI.

VIKING Built by Sturgeon Bay Boat Works in the 1930s. The 43 ft. x 12 ft. vessel was equipped with a 45-54 Kahlenberg oil engine and owned by Earl Wickman, Racine, WI in 1945.

VIKING Built in the Chassell, MI area, the boat was brought to Bayfield, WI by Wilfred Boutin in the late 1930s. About 32 ft. in length and a double-ender, the boat was powered by a gas engine. In the mid 1940s Irving Hadland bought the boat, an equipped it with a 4 cylinder Red Wing gas engine. The boat was sold to August Wick, Madeline Island, after Wick lost his boat in the big blow in October of 1949. In time the boat ended up pulled out at Big Bay on Madeline Isl. It remained there until it disintegrated.

VIKING II Built at Ontonagon, MI in 1934 by Anton Ostling, and operated by his sons Alfred and Donald. 35 ft. in length and equipped with a gas engine. In 1946 the boat was sold to John Karr and James Kane. Karr Kane operated with the boat until 1953. It was later sold to Ted Bodin, Bayfield, WI. VIEW PICTURE

VIRGINIA DALE A 36 ft. gas boat owned by David Vischer, South Haven, MI in 1930.

VIVIAN 214896 Built at Two Rivers, WI in 1905, the 36 ft. x 9 ft. vessel was equipped with a 14 hp. gas engine and owned by Conrad Johnson, Oconto, WI in 1925.

VIVIAN 221899 Built at Sturgeon Bay, WI in 1906, the 33 ft. x 10 ft. vessel was equipped with a 22 hp. gas engine and in 1925 it was owned by Leonard Kihl, Egg Harbor, WI.

VIVIAN Built at Menominee, MI in 1913, the 37 ft. x 10 ft. vessel was equipped with a 15 hp. gas engine and was owned by Oscar Olson, Marinette, WI in 1925.

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