Fishing Vessels of the Great Lakes

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P & P A 40 ft. gas boat owned by Reuben Peterson and Manning Popour, Manistique, MI in 1942.

PAL Built at Omena, Mich. in 1938, by the Johnson Boat Yard, for Frank Larsen, Pentwater, Mich. The 38 ft. x 10 ft. vessel was equipped with a 90 hp. Kermath gasoline engine. In 1944 the boat was sold to Daniel Loncar, Pentwater. In 1947 the boat and entire crew were lost in a fire and explosion while lifting nets off Pentwater. When the outside end of the chub gang was lifted, by a local boat, the last end came up burned off.

PALMER 227024 Built by Sturgeon Bay Boat Works in 1926 for Alfred P. Shellswick, Waukegan, Ill. The wood hulled vessel was 47 ft. x 13 ft. and equipped with a 45-54 hp. Kahlenberg oil engine. Shellswick fished with her until after having the AL SHELLSWICK built in 1935. The crews much preferred to work on the newer boat, and in time the PALMER was laid up at an inlet on Washington Island. Later brought out and bought by new owners, the boat spent many years at Racine, owned for a time by Robert Strege. By then the Kahlenberg had been replaced with a Cummins diesel. VIEW PICTURE

PAMELA KAY A 38 ft. all steel fish tug equipped with a 220 hp. Cummins diesel, operated out of Milwaukee by Daniel Anderson. In 1985 the boat was purchased by Joe Newago, Jr., LaPointe, Wis. and was re-named NOREE JO. VIEW PICTURE

PANSY A 26 ft. gas boat owned by Joseph Papineau, Port Sanalac, Mich. in 1928.

PANTHER A 36 ft. gasoline powered fish boat owned by Peter Jensen, Garden, Mich. in 1936.

PATRICIA 234200 Built by Burger Boat Co. in 1905, the 37 ft. x 10 ft. vessel was equipped with a gasoline engine of 60 hp. There is no listing of ownership until MVUS 1936, and the Official Number does not match year of build. Allen Bierck, Milwaukee is the owner during 1936-1937 and Caroline Bierck, Alpena, MI is owner from 1938-1944. Boat is not listed in MVUS after 1945.

PATTY ANN A fish boat of unknown size, owned by Roy J. Cargill, Munising, MI in 1938.

PAUL JENSEN 241891 Built at Muskegon, Mich. in 1942 by the owner, Paul Jensen, the 40 ft. x 12 ft. wood hulled vessel was equipped with a 30-36 Kahlenberg oil engine. When Jensen had a new steel boat built in 1946 she was sold to Wakild Fisheries South Haven, and re-named WAKILD BROS. In early 1947 the boat was sold to Otis and Warren Freitag of Kenosha, and re-named FREITAG BROS. and operated by them out of South Haven.

PAULINE A 28 ft. gas boat owned by Lawrence Hahnkuper, Washington Island, Wis. in 1930.

PAULINE A 40 ft. steam powered fish boat owned by Peter Truckey, St.Ignace, Mich. in 1938.

PEARL A fish boat owned by Wesley Ward, Munising, MI in 1931

PEGGIE MARIE A 40 ft. x 11 ft. gas boat, built by Ed Petersen, Pentwater, Mich. Powered with a Graymarine gas engine. Owned by the Stover Meisenheimer Fishery, at Pentwater, Mich. in 1934. In 1943 the boat was owned by Clifford Fuller, of that port. The last owner was James Bard, South Haven, Mich.


PELICAN Built at Suamico, Wis. in 1937, the 40 ft. vessel was owned by Alfred Anclam, Baileys Harbor, Wis. In 1945 Clyde and Clarence Anderson, Algoma, Wis., bought the boat and operated with her until the late 1950s, when she was sold to Dan Lindal, and taken to Kenosha, Wis. In the mid 1960s the boat was observed there, and still in operation.

PENGUIN 250766 Built by Burger Boat Co. in 1945 for Otto L. Kuehn Co., Milwaukee; the 52 ft. 9 in x 14 ft. all steel vessel was equipped with a 100-120 Kahlenberg oil engine. Operated from their Bayfield plant as a fish pick-up vessel she was also operated as a fish tug, leased to different operators. In 1956 she was sold to Talarico Fisheries, Otter Head, Ontario. In 1963 Robert Sellman, Manistique, Mich. brought her back to the U.S. and fished with her until 1977. Charles Nylund, Menomonee, Mich., the next owner,changed the name to NANCY, re-powered with a 250 hp. Cummins diesel, and operated with her until the early 1990s, when he sold to Wm. King Sons Fisheries, Naubinway, Mich. The name was then changed to ERNIE C. VIEW PICTURE

PETER A 50 ft. x 12 ft. fish tug, equipped with a 45-54 Kahlenberg oil engine, owned by Frank Seidl, Marinette, Wis. in the 1930s. This same vessel was at Marquette, Mich. in the mid 1960s, renamed DANIEL II, and equipped with a Model D8800 Caterpillar diesel.

PETER A. 232423 Built at Portage Entry, Chassell, Mich. in 1933, by Koski Boat Works, for Peter Anderson Fisheries, Marquette, Mich. The 55 ft. x 14 ft. vessel was equipped with a 75-90 Kahlenberg oil engine. In 1953 the boat was sold to Endress Masse Fisheries, Grand Marais, Mich. After having several owners on Lake Michigan, the boat was finally hauled ashore and destroyed. VIEW PICTURE

PETER W. 248805 Built at Chassell, Mich. in 1945, the 38 ft. x 11 ft. vessel was equipped with a 60 hp. diesel engine, and owned by John Wiita, Big Traverse Bay, Mich. The boat was later sold to Jack Schmirler, Ellison Bay, Wis. and was operated by Schmirler as late as 1978, and was at some later time lost when it broke loose from its moorings and drifted out into Lake Michigan.

PETREL 207559 Built by Burger Boat Co. in 1909, for Louis Rodal, Frankfort, MI, the 32 ft. x 9 ft. vessel was equipped with an 18 hp. Kahlenberg gas engine. Rodal owned the boat until 1925, when it was sold to Frank Gleason, Saugatuck, MI. In 1929 Gleason sold the boat to Frank Sewers, Saugatuck. In 1935 the boat was sold to Lawrence Van Hall, Grand Haven, MI. Boat was abandoned in 1947, per MVUS.

PHILLIPS A 30 foot gas boat owned by Manuel Frazier, Naubinway, Mich. in 1929.

PILOT A 33 ft. gas boat owned by Arthur Olsen, Marinette, Wis. in 1929.

PIONEER A fish boat of unknown size, owned by Harry A. Miller, Petoskey, MI in 1931.

PLOW BOY A fish boat of unknown size, owned by Fred Lehnen, Munising, MI in 1931.

PREBLE A 35 foot gas boat owned by Martin Jones, Ontonagon, Mich. The boat was bought in the Green Bay, Wis. area in 1910, and shipped to Ontonagon by railroad freight. Fished until about 1918, the boat was sold to operators at Munising and owned by operators at Munising, and Grand Marais, Mich.

PRIDE Built at Racine by Pete Mayer, in the mid 1950s, for Strege Rousar Fisheries. The 45 ft. x 12 ft. 8 in. steel hulled vessel was equipped with a 220 hp. Cummins diesel. In the early 1960s the boat was lengthened 8 feet. With the decline in chub fishing in the late 1960s, the boat was sold to LeBlance Fisheries, Mamainse Harbor, Ontario. When built the boat was named THE PRIDE, a name that was later shortened to PRIDE.

PRIDE II When Strege Rousar decided to go back into the chub fishery they purchased a large size former trapnet boat, and converted it to gill netting. The PRIDE II was 50 feet in length and was also equipped with a Cummins diesel. LeBlance Fisheries, now located at Southampton, Ontario, on Lake Huron, purchased this vessel also, lengthened the hull 10 feet and installed a D3406 Caterpillar diesel.

PRINCESS Owned by L. Smith E. Cook, Muskegon, MI in 1941. Size not known.

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