Fishing Vessels of the Great Lakes

Compiled by Harvey Hadland



NANCY LEE Built on Sand Island in the late 1930s by Evan Christensen, for Elvis L. Moe. The 37 ft. wood hulled vessel was equipped with a Wolverine marine gas engine, turning a 28 inch diameter wheel straight drive. In the early 1940s Moe re-powered with a Chrysler Crown marine engine with a 3 : 1 reduction gear, turning the 28 inch wheel. The boat was sold to Ole Olsen in the late 1940s. Olsen sold the boat to Martin Erickson in about 1954. VIEW PICTURE

NANCY Owned by McNab Fisheries, Muskegon, MI in 1952.

NAOMIKONG 233943 42 ft. x 12 ft. Built by Burger Boat Co. in 1935 for Wallace E. Hill, Grand Haven, Mich. Equipped with a 50-60 H.P. Kahlenberg oil engine.

NAVARRE Built at Marinette, Wis. in 1901, the 39.5 registered length, by 14.3 beam wooden vessel had several owners before being junked in 1937. They include Herman Kadeau, Lawrence Dornbos, and Ralph Willis Cross. The Cross brothers removed the 45-54 HP Kahlenberg in about 1935 and put it in the G.L. DORNBOS.

NELLIE H. Built by Burger Boat Co. in 1915 for John M. Hanrath, Frankfort, Mich. The 40 ft. x 11 ft. vessel was initially equipped with a gasoline engine. In 1922 a 30-36 Kahlenberg oil engine was installed. In 1929 the boat was offered for sale for $3,500 and was bought by Thomas Mahan, East Grand Rapids, Mich. and the name was changed to Tee-Zee-Lee. In 1962 Roen Salvage Co. Sturgeon Bay became owner, changing the name to Steve-O-Reno. Various diesel engines were installed after 1929, and the boat was engaged in towing, exclusively. The boat was burned at Sturgeon Bay in 1964.

NELLIE L. Owned by Albert Lawson, Muskegon, MI in 1938.

NELLIE V. small steam powered vessel owned by Gilbert Vanderberg,Muskegon, MI from 1912 to 1927. Joosephine Dupree, Muskegon, owned the vessel from 1928 until 1934, when it was abandoned.

NELS J. 247403 A 35 ft. wood hulled fish tug built at Bayfield, Wis. by Frank Muhlke in 1946 and owned by Melvin Bugge, Knife River, Minn. In May 20001 the boat was reconditioned, moved to Canal Park in Duluth, and is being used as a concession stand selling smoked fish and other fish products. VIEW PICTURE

NEPTUNE 238961 Built at Portage Entry, MI in 1939 by Wiinikka Brothers, who operated with the 40 ft. x 11 ft. vessel out of that port. The vessel was equipped with a Model D4600 Caterpillar diesel.

NEPTUNE 42 ft. steam powered fish tug owned by Abel Abinga, Grand Haven, MI in 1928

NEPTUNE Built by Burger Boat Co. in 1932, for Emil Nelson, Ellison Bay, Wis., the 42 ft. x 12 ft. wood hulled vessel was equipped with a 45-54 Kahlenberg oil engine. Owned by Nelson until 1942, it was then owned by Roy Nelson, Sturgeon Bay, son of Emil Nelson, until 1946, when it was sold to Canadian owners.

NEPTUNE II 240191 .Built by Sturgeon Bay Shipbuilding Drydock in 1940; the 40 ft. x 12 ft. all steel vessel was equipped with a 45-54 Kahlenberg oil engine and was operated out of Waukegan, IL., by Wallace Green until 1956. Francis Wenninger, Algoma, bought the boat in 1956 and operated her for two years, selling to William Yauger, Jr., Two Rivers, WI in 1958. In 1961 yauger sold her to John Koss, Milwaukee, WI, who had the boat until 1975 when he sold to Roger Chapman, Milwaukee. In 1975, Chapman sold the boat to a Diving Club by the name of On the Rocks, Inc., Ellison Bay, WI,

NICK A vessel of unknown size, owned by Nickolas Goraske, Pinconning, MI in 1931.

NOKOMIS Owned by Paul Van Landschoot, Munising, MI in 1954.

NOR SHOR Built at Bayfield in the mid 1940s, the 35 ft. vessel went to Knife River, MN, where it was fished by George Torgerson.

NOR-EASTER Built at LaPointe in the late 1940s by Arvid Kron, the 28 ft.(approx.) square stern vessel was later owned by Harvey Lyle Nourse, Bayfield. Operated by Nourse for a good many years, she was sold to Robert Boutin. In early November of 1976, while attempting to get to nets in Pikes Bay, the hull was damaged by ice. Barely able to get back to Bayfield, the boat was taken in tow by the ferry "Island Queen" and brought to the city dock. Lifted out with a crane, the boat was never used again.


NORTH BAY A 25 ft. gas boat owned by Dolphus Spooner, Naubinway, MI. in 1928.

NORTH CAPE Built at LaPointe by John Peterson, the 37 ft.(approx.) fantail vessel was initially owned by Henry Johnson, Sr., Bayfield, and operated from South Twin Island. Lenus Jacobson bought the boat and Johnson's fish station at the island, and operated from there through the 1920s and until 1938, when he sold her and had a new boat built. After having various engines it had a Buick car motor when Jacobson sold the boat to Hjalmer Edwards. Edwards re-powered with a Chrysler Crown gas engine, fished with her for a few years, and sold out to Earl Russell, LaPointe. After some time the boat was hauled ashore and broken up. VIEW PICTURE

NORTH STAR 228373 Built at Portage Entry, MI in 1929. The 35 ft. x 10 ft. gasoline powered vessel was owned by Gust Mikkola, Chassell, MI.

NORTH STAR A vessel of unknown size, owned by George Lehnen, Munising, MI in 1938.

NORTH STAR Built at Cornucopia WI. in the early 1940s, by owner Max Beidle and crew; the 40 ft. wood hulled vessel was of hard chine, flat bottom design, with a full transom. Initially equipped with a 4 cylinder Cummins diesel, the boat was later re-powered with an 8 cylinder Chrysler Royal gasoline engine. Following the death of Max Beidle the boat was operated for a time by his son, Bob Beidle, and later sold to Gary Connell, Bayfield, and used as a cruiser. Re-powered with a 6 cylinder Chrysler Crown Gasoline engine the boat was sold back into the fishery, sheathed with steel and operated for a number of years, eventually ending up in the Bad River at Odanah, WI. It lay just below the bridge on Highway 2 for several years before being dragged ashore and destroyed.

NORTHERN LIGHT Owned and operated by the LeBel Fishery at Long Island, and later used in the charter sport fishery, the 38 ft. vessel was owned by Francis LeBel until the late 1930s. Later owned by Herman Johnson, Jr., the boat was used in the commercial fishery until 1946, when Johnson had a larger boat built. Next owned by Bob Harrison, who had a logging operation on Basswood Island, the boat was used to tow rafts of logs to the mainland. Power was by an 8 cylinder Buick engine.

NUMA Owned by A .Powell, Munising, MI in 1954. Size of vessel is not known.


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